Harbor Information

Padanaram Bridge

The Padanaram Bridge (shown from the South) is operated by the Department of Public Works: Highway Division.

Opening Schedule

From May through October, the bridge opening schedule is as follows:

Requesting Openings (May - October)

To request a bridge opening, hail the bridge tender on VHF Channel 13.
You can also request an opening by calling (508) 910-7107.
If you have no communication equipment at your disposal, you should approach the bridge a few minutes prior to a scheduled opening and sound 3 Short Blasts with your horn in the vicinity of the bridge.

Requesting Openings (November - April)

Title 33CFR Chapter 1, Subchapter J, Part 117, Subpart B: 117.587 Apponagansett River.

(a) The draw of the Padanaram Bridge, mile 1.0, shall open on signal from 1 May through 31 October, between 6 a.m. and 9 p.m., daily, as follows: