Forms for Boaters

Here you find the forms that you may need to fill out. Click the link after each form title to obtain a printable copy.

Available Forms
Waterways Use Form A [pdf - 114k]

All boats, 12 feet and over, whether on a mooring, private or commercial dock, must be registered with the Harbormaster by July 1st of each year or within fourteen days of placement in Dartmouth Waters. Failure to properly register with the Harbormaster in a timely manner will subject vessel owner to violation fines as well as vessel removal, transporation, and storage costs.

Mooring Wait List Application Form C [pdf - 114k]

New applications for waiting list are accepted between January and November of each year with the required $15 filing fee and Form C. A waitlist position must be renewed annually until an assignment is made. To renew a waiting list position after the initial year, the annual $15 clerical fee and renewal form are due by March 31st of each subsequent year. Failure to renew your waitlist application by March 31st of each year following your initial filing shall result in removal from waiting list and loss of waitlist position.

Dinghy Registration Form [pdf - 58k]

This form is used for the registration of a dinghy in the Town of Dartmouth, MA. A dinghy is defined as a vessel less than 12 feet in length.

Request to Relinquish Mooring site [pdf - 173k]

Used to request the permission required to discontinue a Mooring Permit and attempt to sell existing gear.

Request for Permission - Vessel of Record [ pdf - 173k]

Used to request the permission required for changing a mooring's assigned vessel of record.

Request for Permitted Use [pdf - 242k]

To request the temporary placement of a suitable vessel on a recreational mooring permitted to another without compensation to the mooring permit holder.

Request for Permission - Transfer [pdf - 242k]

Used to request the permission required to transfer the mooring gear between immediate family members.

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